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About Us

Professional Help Available

At present there are three doctors in Navajeevan for consultation. They come once in a week and give necessary consultations and instructions to the inmates. Dr. Refeek Anzar and Dr. Saibunnisa Beevi are psychiatrists and Dr. Johnson is a Physician. in addition it, we take our inmates to Kottaymam Medical College for various other checkups and treatments. Apart from it, in Navajeevan there are 5 social workers, 11 nurses and other supporting professionals in order to give medication and monthly counseling to our inmates .Also there are various group and recreational therapies for the inmates organized by volunteers and students from various other colleges / institutions, as part of their field visits.

Vocational training activities of the Trust

  1. Gardening
  2. Farming
  3. Tailoring

Training and capacity building of staff

  1. Our volunteers take part in various training programmes organized by various government agencies and SJD bodies.
  2. In service education program for social workers, nurses and care takers.
  3. Monthly staff meeting coupled with training sessions.
  4. Weekly prayer days and yearly retreats