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Welcome to Navajeevan Trust

There is a saying that God alone can love and help a person irrespective of his status and deservedness. But God has His own ways and means of making this a reality. This is where Mr. P. U. Thomas, an Ex-employee of the Medical College Hospital, Kottayam comes into the picture....

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  • Helping_Hands_Caring_Hearts_Inc


    The main activity of the trust is to rehabilitate abandoned mental patients wandering on the roads. Such patients are brought to...

  • Day-of-Prayer


    Prayer is tine source of strength & inspiration for Navajeevan. There is continuous prayer in the prayer hall of Navajeevan....

  • Cyclone Nargis survivors collect food at refugee centre in Myang Mya

    Free Food Distribution – Meals on Wheels

    Medicines alone cannot completely cure a patient. Me/she needs proper  and timelyfood supplement. Most of the modem medicines...