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Free Food Distribution

RSG_9103Providing food to poor patients in Government hospitals started in a humble manner, by Shri Thomas in 1970, for the first time in MCH, Kottayam. Later, it has picked up momentum and now has been extended to two other Government hospitals namely, Dist.Hospital, Kottayam and ICH, Kottayam. At present around 5000 poor patients and bystanders receive our free food daily. . Lunch is served in the Institute of Child Health and Dinner is served in Medical College and Taluk Hospital in Kottayam.  In addition to it, Trust provides daily breakfast in the mental health ward of Medical college hospital and three time meals to patients attended by volunteers in other wards. This innovative and most respectable activity has been emulated by few other organizations in other parts of the country.

In addition to these, the trust pays enormous attention under the keen supervision of Mr. P.U Thomas, to clean and beautify the Medical College Compound, ever since the origin of the Trust, by planting flowering plants and various herbal and fruit plants.

Medicines alone cannot completely cure a patient. He/she needs proper and timely food supplement. Most of the modem medicines accessible to the medical profession depend on timely food supplement for correct and timely action. The free food distribution of Navajeevan Trust for the poor patients has earned great appreciation from all. The hospital used to supply food for the inpatients of Kottayam Medical College Hospital thrice a day. Later it was confined only to noon time. So Navajeevan Trust started supplying food (rice, three type curries and boiled drinking water) in the-evening for the patients of the Medical College Hospital, Kottayam and district hospital Kottayam. And now we serve breakfast also, to 125 persons approximately including mentally ill patients and their by slanders at the 4lh ward (Mental Health ward) of Medical College Hospital. At present two meals (lunch and dinner) are being provided to the sick children and their by standers at Institute of Child Health, Gandhinagar Kottayam. At present about 5000 poor patients receive our free Food daily.  During ‘bandh’and ‘harthal’ days, the number shoots up. The serving by Navajeevan volunteers begins with a prayer for quick relief of patients and also ends with thanks giving prayer.  A specially designed vehicle with facilities for storing and distribution of boiled water carries the food and volunteers.

We also distribute boiled medicated drinking water in Medical College Hospital during extreme summer, which is a great relief to patients and bystanders.

For ensuring hygienic preparation of food, modern kitchen with steam cooking arrangements have been established. Preparation of food is mainly done by volunteers. Ladies and gents from nearby places join the food preparation efforts after the Morning Prayer. In addition groups of people under the banner of voluntary organizations, students of professional colleges, brothers and sisters from seminaries and nunneries etc. help in the activities.