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Rehabilitation of Psychiatric Patients

DSC01814IMG-20151205-WA0026The main activity of the Trust continues to be rehabilitation of wandering psychiatric patients. Such patients are brought to Navajeevan Bhavan by trust volunteers. The very next day, they are taken to the hospital for treatment. Most patients recover after a few months of regular treatment. They are sent back to their homes. Those who are not welcomed back to their homes are remaining in the Bhavan as volunteers. Around 3500 such patients have been taken care, cured and rehabilitated so far.

.Now there is around 200 inmates, mostly mental patients from various parts of India, talking different languages. Around 25 permanently disabled bed-ridden patients with nobody to support also are being taken care of at the home. Many sick elderly people in their last stages are given proper care and when they die, the proper last rights are conducted.  Everybody living in the home is treated as children of Mr. Thomas and they affectionately call him ‘Papa’. Regular medical checkup and proper medicines, healthy food and pleasant atmosphere are bringing them back to normalcy.