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Source of Income

Source of Income

Thomas Chettan has no worries about finances the source of income and for running various activities of the Trust. He believes that Jesus will give the necessary resources for running the activities done on His behalf.

The expenses for food are met by generous donations from common people only. (No financial support from Government or grants from abroad is being received by the Trust.) On special occasions, such as birthdays, death anniversaries, marriages, housewarming etc., people donate meals at Navajeevan Bhavan and at the hospitals. The expenses for each meal are bifurcated so as to make it affordable for the sponsors.  Present rates are:

Navajeevan Bhavan

 Breakfast : 6,000/-
 Lunch : 10,000/-
 Evening Tea : 4,000/-
 Dinner : 8,000/-

Medical College Hospital

 Breakfast : 5,000/-
Dinner : 10,000/-

Institute of Child Health (I.C.H)

Lunch : 8,000/-
Dinner : 8,000/-

District Hospital

Dinner : 8,000/-

Total:                                                                                                                                     Rs.67,000/-


The total source of income expenses for serving vegetarian food for inmates of Navajeevan Bhavan and food services in three hospitals on a day is estimated at Rs. 55,000/-.  And that of medicines and food, for a day is around Rs. 91,000/-.

The recurring expenses towards food and medicines distributed in hospital and for the inmates work out to Rs.91000/- per day taken from the source of income. Entire expenses are met out of voluntary donations from public. The Trust does not receive any grant or financial assistance from Government or other agencies. No foreign aid is received by the Trust.

Many organizations come forward to provide equipments, vehicles, furniture and other requirements for inmates.