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We need volunteers to help in the activities of the trust. Those who are willing to do volunteer service can contact in the office in person or through mail or phone. There is no age limit and any one with service attitude can join their hands with Navajeevan. Rehabilitation of psychiatric patients roaming on the streets is one of the major activities. The police officials inform Thomas Chettan of such people. At times good hearted individuals inform him. The trust has its own ambulance which takes them to Navajeevan. There they are transformed to proper human beings through caring, bathing, head dressing and proper clothing. Then, they are taken to the hospital for treatment. The volunteers look after their needs. Normally after two or three months of treatment they regain their consciousness and return to a normal life.

Ever since the establishment of Navajeevan, Thomas Chettan also carried out his early mission of helping the poor patients in hospitals on a large scale. Today Navajeevan has its own vehicles and volunteers. Some of the volunteers are always available in these hospitals especially in the causality wards when emergency cases arrive at any time of the day and night. When accidents occur and patients are brought in large numbers, the volunteers rush to the hospitals and arranges for blood, medicine and they do whatever is needed.

Full time volunteers are stationed in Medical College Hospital to take care of helpless bed-ridden patients with no bystanders and money. They locate such patients in all wards and casualty. They provide physical support, proper food, supplement medicines, conduct lab tests, and on recovery provide free ambulance to take them back home. Blood donation for poor patients especially those who don’t have relatives support is also arranged.

The volunteers of Navajeevan also put earnest efforts to make these government hospitals a better place. Medical College owns a beautiful garden and a green campus through the efforts “Clean and Green” initiated by Navajeevan.