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Clean and Green

8 x 5 1 copyAn initiative taken by environment loving Thomas chettan, to spread awareness about having the benefits of a clean and green environment around us. Clean environment helps everybody to have healthy body and mind.. For some people this is their biggest wealth.  You can see how much this is effectively injected in everyday life of Navajeevan family. As soon as you enter the compound, you will be surrounded by vivid variety of plants and trees which were planted by this humble human being and his fellow helpers.

Under this initiative we have planted around 2500 trees in Medical college hospital and its surroundings as well as in children hospital .Apart from this, Navajeevan trust influences  students from schools as well as colleges to plant trees in medical college surroundings and other public areas. This influence the new generation and will spread awareness among them about the importance of nature and clean earth. This initiative helps to live a healthy wholesome life not just for them but also for all human beings lives nearby. This selfless act of love towards our fellow human beings and earth shows that how much duty bounded are these people in preserving our environment which is a beautiful gift from almighty to mankind.

Cleanliness is a very important aspect of Navajeevan. They make sure that every patient and inhabitant will get clean rooms, hygienic food and bed and volunteers to wash and bed them. Thomas Chettan taught everyone around him to incorporate this essence of cleanliness in their day to day life, which they took as a motto in their life also. Apart from this Navajeevan takes initiative to clean toilets, wards, canals and drainages in hospital premises which help to control mosquitoes and insects; Thus prevent occurrence of various diseases  like malaria, cholera etc. For this venture he receives help and support from school and college students who come voluntarily to save the mother earth.

The volunteers of Navajeevan also put earnest efforts to make these government hospitas a better place. Medical College owns a beautiful garden and a green campus through the efforts of ‘’ Clean and Green ‘’ initiated by Navajeevan. The cleaning of toilets, wards, canals, drainages in the hospital premises are being done by Navajeevan actually controls mosquitoes and insects in the hospitals.