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Giving new dimension to social work

Kottayam- Social work has been given a new dimension by P.U. Thomas, an attender of Kottayam Medical College Hospital. For several years he has been feeding poor patients and bystanders at Kottayam Medical College Hospital every evening. By 4 pm every day there would be a long line of 2000 to 3000 persons queuing up at the medical college hospital outside the old cancer ward. Thomas is undaunted and entertains no fear that there would be a break in the task he has taken up. He says that a large number of poor people, especially from the hilly areas of Idukki, parts of Alapuzha and Kottayam districts who come to the medical college hospital are very poor. Those who come for treatment of cancer, heart ailments and such other problems requiring prolonged admission in the hospital and their bystanders are the hardest hit. Thomas and his band of dedicated youth make a round of the town’s institutions and meet other people who are willing to contribute to help others. They get rice and other materials also from hostels, convents, monasteries